About Janet Gordon


“No ‘style’ is more powerful than your own.”


Janet is an American handbag and accessory designer, a stylist, and a writer. She is a born clothes hound, an avid consignment curator, and an educator. But above all else, she is a mother. Janet strives to be a woman of style, substance and purpose. She believes no ‘style’ is more powerful than your own, AND, that a woman needs options…


Having studied costume design at Brandeis University, Janet moved to NYC. She landed a job assisting Tony award-winning costume designer Willa Kim on the Broadway show, “Sophisticated Ladies”. Ms. Kim was lovingly referred to as ‘the dragon lady”, for her no-nonsense approach to ‘getting the job done’. Janet fondly remembers being told to get a bathing suit shipped from LA, so that it would arrive by a certain time the next day. Flustered and not knowing exactly how she would accomplish that, Ms. Kim looked at her and simply said, “Just do it”. (Perhaps the CEO of Nike knew of her too.) Anyway, Janet ‘just did it’, and was forever grateful for the ‘get it done attitude’ she learned that day. She then embarked on a successful career as a freelance fashion/photo stylist in the advertising world. Having learned from the best, there was no demand any art director could make that Janet couldn’t handle. She is proud to report that she always delivered great style with a smile.


Janet’s career focus changed when she no longer needed to cater to the demands of Madison Avenue, but to the demands of her three sons!


Two of Janet’s sons were born hard of hearing, so once again, she found herself back at school, this time to become a speech-language pathologist. She earned her MS from Columbia University, Teachers College, and enjoyed a private speech practice until it became absolutely necessary for her well-being to get back to her roots as a stylist. As Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, Janet is ‘daring to live the life she has dreamed for herself’.


Janet is currently a ‘New Yorker living in Connecticut’. She resides in North Stamford, CT, with her ‘when at home’ college-aged son, and of course, her lovingly curated handbag collection.