About Janet Gordon Style


Welcome to the world of Janet Gordon Style: Simply smart and pretty.™


Hello. I am Janet Gordon, and I created this website to share how sophisticated, openly ambitious, witty, gleefully elegant, and most importantly, accessible your personal style can be.


If there is anything the current world of ‘fast fashion’ has taught us is that fashion can be bought at any price point. But style, style is chosen. You just need to learn how to choose it.


And that’s my commitment to you. I promise to share with you how to choose quality over quantity in your wardrobe, and in your life.


Here’s how the website is designed:


In the Style section, I will be sharing my GTOs, (go-to-outfits) for day and evening. Just click on Dress Up to view the clothes, Walk Tall to see the shoes, and Carry On to behold the handbags.


The Substance section is the place where you can read my blog posts to garner Style Wisdom, to gain inspiration from my Life Lessons Learned While Shopping, and to glean insight from my Wardrobe Therapy. All told, I truly hope to guide you along your way to your own personal style.


Then there is the heart of the website entitled Purpose. It was very important to me to create a space devoted to sharing the different ways we all have found to live a purposeful life.


I will share mine; please share yours. I hope we all find this the most influential section of all.


So here’s to ‘Looking Forward’,


Janet Gordon