In 2012, I was inspired by my first vintage handbag (bought thirty years ago at a yard sale for 50 cents!) to design a line of handbags and accessories. A mother of three grown sons, it was time. As Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, I am ‘daring to live the life I have dreamed for myself’. I retired from my speech language practice in February 2014, and went back to my roots as a stylist. My background as a photo stylist in the advertising world taught me how to deliver great style while working within the constraints of a budget. I am a born clothes hound, and an avid thrift store curator. I relate to women who work smart, look smart, and shop smart. I believe no ‘style’ is more powerful than your own, AND, that a woman needs options… After a disastrous, but necessary learning experience, I am proudly and determinately manufacturing my line right here in the good ole USA. I am doing everything I can to get my business, Janet Gordon Style, Simply smart and pretty. ready to launch, (i.e., creating a user-friendly website, learning social media, (love Pinterest, so much fun), attending networking events). In addition to selling my handbag and accessory collection, I will be providing valuable ‘wardrobe therapy’, fashion and shopping tips on my website’s blog that will inspire women to curate their own personal style. I will also be sharing my “Life Lessons Learned While Shopping” and hope to create a dialogue to hear yours. Here’s to ‘Looking forward’.

Janet Gordon