Life Lesson #8: There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Buy what you love – Take shoes for instance. They have to speak to me. Seriously. Oh sure after a year or two some of them stop talking to me, but I quietly explain to them that they are not forgotten, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Of course, there comes the day when I pack some of them up and send them off to brighten up someone else’s life. I try to explain to them that life is an adventure and my closet was just one destination along the way…

I have some special shoe memories. In elementary school I was sooo very cool in my pointy, ankle height, black leather Beatle boots. At summer camp, I always had a pair of ankle height Minnetonka fringed moccasins. I remember in college I had a pair of thigh high boots that could fold down to just below the knee, very daring back then. Oh there were some fashion mistakes like the platform shoes that my mom said I looked like Minnie Mouse in because my legs were so thin. And how could I forget my purple suede ‘elf’ boots that I wore with a white T-shirt that had shoulder pads for days, and royal blue parachute pants cinched at the waist by a wide hot pink spandex belt (very Devo, the 80’s had just begun, a horrendous decade for fashion). And in my late 20’s, when I should’ve known better, I bought a pair of white leather moccasins boots to wear with short shorts. I wore them once, and only recently sent them away.



Life Lesson #8: Always be ready to admit to your mistakes, after all, life takes practice. Does anyone ever really get it all right? Where would the fun be in that? Remember, we all make mistakes, but the lessons we learn from them will remain with us forever.

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