Sometimes it takes the smallest ones to remind us of the biggest things.

I was reminded of this, one hectic morning, as I stood standing by the open trunk of my car.

It had been a particularly hectic morning getting my three boys ready for their school day – finding homework and shoes, packing lunches, signing permission slips. I…was… simply… running… late. Completely frazzled, I grabbed the speech therapy materials needed for my work day, raced out the door, all the while yelling at everyone one to “hurry up and get into the car”.

So there I stood, loading my two heavy, overflowing, canvas work bags into the trunk while doing the ‘mommy morning mental checklist’. Unbeknownst to me, my youngest son, Tristan, then six years old, was standing silently by my side. Sensing his presence, I lost it, and yelled, “Get into the car!”. He quietly said, “Mommy, look”, and in the open palm of his tiny, little hand was the most perfect thing I had ever seen. On his way to getting into the car, he had spotted and picked up half of an acorn that had split open to reveal a perfect heart. There was my Tristan, holding my heart, in his hand.

Tristan is 21 now, and I still have that acorn on my desk as a reminder to slow down and be present, to be mindful and grateful, for the love that surrounds us. “Thank God for Tristan.”

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