Life Lesson #4: View life (and fashion for that matter) as an experiment. Constantly invent and re-invent yourself. Mix, match, try things on, try things out. And remember, like all true innovators, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Failure is not an option.


When I was in fourth grade, I used to wear my jeans rolled up with argyle knee socks.

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I remember feeling very smart when I wore my wool dickey under my blouse with my plum, wool-pleated miniskirt, and used a neck scarf as a belt.

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(Now in case you’ve never heard of it, a ‘dickie’ was one of the silliest ‘fashion’ items ever created. It was a fake turtleneck shirt. It was just a turtleneck attached to some fabric. You slipped it over your head and when worn under a V-neck shirt or blouse, it gave the appearance of wearing two shirts! Nowadays, an inset is just sewn into a shirt to create this look. Really, what were they thinking?!



In fifth grade I was oh so clever when I took my colorful, tightly woven poncho and slid it down from my neck to rest on my hips. This created an amazing skirt with an uneven kerchief hemline. Paired with boots, it looked gooood.

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When I was 19, I was still trying different ways to wear my clothes. I remember getting dressed for a date (yes, some of us still went on ‘dates’ in college). I put on my beautiful, light grey silk kimono top and tied it at my waist with a big bow. Though not a woman of ample bosom, I felt too exposed, so I turned it around and wore it – backwards. Picture it. It created a high draped neckline in the front, and when I made my exit, my back was delicately exposed and framed by a beautiful bow at my waist. Try this look and pair it with flowing ecru silk pajama pants or black leggings with high heels. I promise you it will instantly take any woman from ‘trashy’ to ‘classy’.


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