Life is all about finding what makes you feel like you. Look, we all have different roles, and different feelings about ourselves as we play our many roles. When it comes to getting dressed, I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good no matter your age. I will however caution you to know your audience. (see STYLE WISDOM post: RECONNECT WITH WHAT MAKES YOU, ‘YOU’.) A decade later, I now pair that denim mini skirt with flop flops for a summer day. I can still rock an above the knee hemline, but feel more comfortable when I put on some black opaque tights. Then I can wear any shoe, from flat to heels, and still remain a class act.

Case in point: Style Icon: Ms. Victoria Beckham

img_4732 img_4733

No meretricious dressing allowed! (Thought I’d throw in a ten dollar word there.) I came across it while reading on vacation in Vieques. Having never heard the word, I looked it up and found out it means ‘apparently attractive, but having in reality no value or integrity’, which is the kinder definition of the archaic meaning – ‘relating to, or characteristic of a prostitiute’. So now we can all agree that ‘dressing meretriciously’ is not the goal for which we are striving! Unless, of course, it is. (No judgment.)


*Quote taken from the 1975 bestseller, The Year of the Hare, written by Finnish author, Arto Paasilinna.

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