“Go ahead, you have my permission, shop designer resale.”

I just know Coco would give her fashion stamp of approval. After all it was she who quipped, “Only those with no memory, insist on their originality”.

Boy oh boy, I love that line so much, let’s say it out loud together:

“Only those with no memory, insist on their originality”.

Look, it is no surprise, I like being surrounded by simply smart and pretty things, so I glean inspiration from the luxury editorial magazines, and then go about shopping resale designer retail stores to re-create the looks. It is my hobby; it is what I do for fun. I am proud to be a ‘sustainable stylist’.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Au currant designer fashions will forever be necessary to sate our cravings for simply smart and pretty NEW things, (hence my own handbag line) but the fun in styling is mixing it all up. Dressing head to toe in Gucci doesn’t require styling acumen, just, well, money. Where’s the fun in that I ask you?

So there is no need for an apology when shopping resale designer retail. Since we all know ‘fashion fades, and only style remains the same’, (again, our girl Coco), we can feel good about looking to the past to create the future.

Happy Shopping!


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