Gucci and Etro are two design giants that love the art of the mix.

How do they do it? Better yet, how do we do it?! Well, for me, there’s only one rule to follow: Make sure, no matter which prints and patterns you choose to juxtapose, the colors of each are intrinsically tied.

This combo has quickly become one of my Fall 2016 GTO’s. Here’s why:

I love all things black and white. I love a good windowpane pattern. I love a touch of leopard. And do I even have to say anything about a velvet paisley with touches of gold?

The palette for this ensemble begins with the boho style peasant blouse: black, white, red, brown, rust, dark grey. The other pieces share some or all of these colors. Worn with either black velvet leggings, to the floor black flares, or a pair of high-waisted, lipstick red silk trousers, I grab my vintage leopard top handle attaché, step out the front door and roar.

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