Like many young, impressionable girls, I was transfixed when I saw Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time. I wanted to be Holly Golightly. She was fun, flirty, stylish, and witty; she lived with grace and flair. In college, I coveted a pair of raw silk, canary yellow capris, designed by Oleg Cassini. Whenever I wore those with a black short sleeved turtleneck top and black ballet slippers, it felt like, well it felt like ME. Once while on a styling job, I remember wearing a simple pair of black and white patterned rayon pajama pants, with a black mock turtleneck top, and black patent leather tuxedo slip ons. A young man commented on how ‘easy my style looked’, and ‘how elegant’. I think I blushed. After all, it was the 80’s, the decade of over-the-top accessorizing, shoulder pads, and big hair!


I had the opportunity on a recent cross Atlantic flight, to watch the movie again, and much to my amusement realized I had been modeling my sense of style after a lady of a certain reputation! As a young girl, I hadn’t caught on to what Ms. Golightly did for a living!


But seriously, as the years passed, I quickly learned it was not Holly Golightly I yearned to emulate, but Audrey Hepburn. Ms. Hepburn was truly a woman of style, substance and purpose. It is my hope that like me, you too, will be inspired to embrace such a life.


After all, we are all here to love, learn, teach, and serve. Whether we accomplish this within our own four walls, or reach out to the four corners of the world, our commitment to making this a better place to thrive and be happy is paramount. Let’s share our visions for making this happen.


Like Ms. Hepburn, mine begin with our children.

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