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Wardrobe Therapy Tip #2: The Art of Choosing Well

Most of us have a closet where we store our wardrobe. Some of us require organization, some of us thrive on organized chaos. While we may differ on how we store our stuff*, I promise you we all have this in common: When it’s time to get dressed, we throw open the door, and just stand there…staring…scanning…waiting… until some of our beloved adoptees finally speak up. Like choosing the sides of a dodgeball team, you hear “pick me, pick me”. Now if they are well-rested, (see Wardrobe Therapy Tip #1), you should have no problem choosing the perfect ensemble to throw on as your second skin. You will pull out exactly what you need to feel great, go forth and conquer, (taking into consider the weather conditions and your activities for the day). But if not, if the previous night didn’t go so well, and they awake cranky and uncooperative, then take heed, because I promise you this, nothing you pull out will do the deed. And that my friends, is why you MUST KNOW YOUR GTO!


Not sure about what I mean? Then have no fear, that is why I’m here.


*see Style Wisdom post: “It’s not turquoise. It’s not lapis. It’s actually cerulean.”

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