“The signs are everywhere…we just have to look for them!”

The Summer of 2012 was a very busy time for me. After spending two weeks in Bowling Green, Kentucky developing my handbag line, I went to visit my friend Sharona in Israel. We were shopping, and I saw this sign. It made me smile, and then think about what ‘shopping’ means to me. So here it is:

Shopping for me is an utterly entertaining activity like going to the movies. I go with a purpose, (and my purse). That is, I go knowing somewhat about what I will be seeing, and about how much I will be willing to spend. (Do I really need to pay for snacks that cost more than the movie ticket?)! I go always ready to be moved by the experience. Sometimes I leave elated, motivated, inspired, while sometimes I leave simply nonplussed. That is, surprised and confused over what I had just witnessed. But NEVER does the experience discourage me from coming back for more.

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